About Us

visionNotevee – Company Vision and Mission Statement

Experienced the power of taking and keeping notes yet?  I am sure most us during our schooling were required to take notes in some form or another but what about their application into our everyday lives?  At Notevee.com you can create and post notes with text and images to what we like to call “Conversation Pages” making it easier then ever before for humans to communicate thoughts through notes.  We like to think of ourselves as a social writing tool that takes organization and elaboration to the next level.  Think of us as offline sticky notes but way better.  Inform others, engage in conversations, keep track of things to do and so much more the choice is yours once you have the power of Notevee in your hands.  In fact never forgot a thought, deadline or scheduled event again with Notevee by your side.  Read, write and post notes at your convenience in the cloud and never worry about missing out on something again.  How could you with your own personal reminder and organizer right at your fingertips.