Leaving Vape Pen Smoke Notes In The Sky – Three Creative Vaping Tricks That Let You Leave Your Mark

smoke-silhouettes-christian-bale-movie-posters-im-not-there_www-paperhi-com_63While we are known for online social notes, conversations and messages we also take great interest in all types of offline social trends.  We believe by monitoring what is popular socially offline gives us greater insights into what people look for in their online interactions.  On our social note and messaging platform people are constantly showcasing and highlighting their unique talents and personal trademarks and this is the type of sharing we love to see.  In similar fashion we have noticed that vaping community as well loves to interact socially while standing  out with vape pen or dab pen modifiers as well as vaping styles and special e-liquid and wax mixtures.  Were about social expression and so is vaping which is why we have taken a keen appeal into what the attractions are behind it.  A personal activity that also thrives in group form we feel vaping has a lot to teach when it comes to creating a social sharing experience.  Lets take a look at some of the more fun and creative best dab pen and best vaporizer pen tricks we have just to get an idea on the various ways we can make our own unique creations while vaping.  Who knows?  You may be sharing something new you learned about vaping on our social note sharing platform before you know it!

Unique and Creative Vaping Smoke Trick You Must Try Number #1: Turning Yourself Into A Smoke Cloud Dragon

Who does not enjoy a mystical creature every now and again.  In the vaping world many often practice what we like to call the “smoke cloud dragon”.  To attain Smoke Cloud Dragon status, you start by taking the biggest pull from your vape pen or dab pen that you possibly can without inhaling.  Once you have a mouth full of wax or e-juice vapor,  then exhale through your nose with a small amount of pressure all while simultaneously pushing more smoke out the corners of your mouth.  Using this technique see what different types of dragon like some effects you can come up with.

Unique and Creative Vaping Smoke Trick You Must Try Number #2: The French Inhale or Irish Waterfall

Similar to the dragon smoke vape pen trick for the French Inhale you will also want to take as big a hit as you can from your best vaporizer pen with first key to this trick being not to inhale and of the smoke.  Let the vape pen smoke float around in your mouth as you get ready for the next step.   Now carefully open your mouth while letting the bottom of your jaw jet out slowly.  It is essential at this point not to exhale.  Simply let the vapor waft out naturally from your mouth while inhaling with your nose thus creating the French Inhale or the effect that makes it look like you are channeling the smoke from one part to another.

Unique and Creative Vaping Smoke Trick You Must Try Number #3: Ghost Circle and Side Vaping Inhale

The ghost inhale is one of the simpler vape pen smoke tricks.  All you you have to do is take a gigantic pull from your vape pen or dab pen and let the vapor sit in your mouth for a few seconds.  Once settled just push all the vape pen smoke from your mouth in a ball like form and then quickly re-inhale the ball of smoke you just created.  Its that easy!

Remember life is about having fun and being unique.  If you have something fun or interesting to share then we highly encourage you to join the conversation!