notesNotevee Frequently Asked Questions Outline (FAQ) – Next Level Note taking

At Notevee we hope to create a note taking platform that will assist you in never forgetting an important life detail again.  Notevee is best of offline sticky notes combined with all the power of cloud computing.  An online note taking landscape with all the features and options necessary to build the ultimate note experience once you introduce written reminders into your life you will never want to be without them again.  With more and more people utilizing the power of the note we are starting to get plenty of common questions on how our product and platform works so we wanted to create this frequently asked questions page to provide some answers to some of the more basic inquiries.

Notevee Frequently Asked Questions Outline (FAQ) #1:  How Long Do The Notes Last

One great part of Notevee is that note lifetimes are flexible.  You can set your notes on a timer and have them expire at a certain time.  You can create private notes that only those with permission or appropriate details can access.  You can make notes shareable and let others view them that have the link.  Last you can make notes public and found by search engines and anyone else that has access to the web.  You can also always remove or delete a note at anytime.  When it came to notes we really wanted to give you every option available in terms of time and access management.

Notevee Frequently Asked Questions Outline (FAQ) #2: Are The Notes Printable

We know people like to use notes both online and off so all notes and note pages come with a “print” button that lets you send the note to any printer.  Often times we make lists and notes and need them both on the computer and off which is why we created Notevee to specifically support hard copy printing at the touch of a button.  We have even teamed to create sticky note printing paper which is something you may want to check out as well.

Notevee Frequently Asked Questions Outline (FAQ) #3: What If I Accidentally Delete An Important Note

One thing about Notevee is you can never lose a note.  Even when you delete or remove a Notevee note  there is always a way to restore it if needed.  We have lots of data backup tools and auto save features that help assure that no data is lost ever.  We have important notes and to do lists can be to people as well as the frustration that comes with losing information on the computer which is why we have gone through great lengths to build functionality that allows for work to always be safe from loss which is what in the cloud note solutions are all about.