Staying Organized – Taking Purpose and Productivity To The Next Level

Were you the type of child that always procrastinated and waited until the last minute to finish everything?  As an adult do you always find your home or office space a mess?  Regardless of personal habits the fact remains that many of us are not as organized as we should be which does not do us any favors.  Staying organized can lead to vast enhancements in life and really go along way towards not only finding more purpose in what we do but all while getting more done at the same time.  So what are some tactics and angels we can take to staying more on top things.  Lets start by taking a look at this visual image reminder by Kalei Munsell on which habits help when it comes to keeping control over our lives.  When it comes to staying organized and improving your life these five tips and tricks are a great place to start.

Staying Organized Tip Number #1 – Drink More Water

Your body loves water and the healthier we are, the better we feel, th more we get done.  Staying hydrated  will keep your energy levels up all day helping you get more done in less time.  Another nice result of drinking more water is it keeps you moving to the restroom which once again forces you to get up and be active which will in turn bring great health, focus and time for education.

Staying Organized Tip Number #2 – Make Notes and To Do Lists

If you want to stay more organized it is essential to introduce notes and to do lists into your life.  This is the perfect opportunity to check out and utilize our Notevee platform.  Notevee is place you can keep all your reminders online to assure that you never forget an idea or task again.

Staying Organized Tip Number #3 – Focus On The Task At Hand

If you are working be sure you doing exactly that.  If you are exercising really stay focused and get into the workout.  If you hanging out with or friends or family be sure to focus all of the attention on who you are spending time with and what you are doing.  By staying conscience of what you are doing at all times you will cultivate a better understanding of time while improving your mental approach to tasks which will ultimately result in heightened organizational habits.

Staying Organized Tip Number #4 – Keep A Calendar and Date Book

Keeping a calendar and date book with you at all times will work wonders in regards to keeping on time and where you need to be.  From meetings and appointments to responsibilities and deadlines having a well filled out calendar to monitor your schedule helps assure you are always moving in the right direction and on top of what you need to be doing at any given time.

Staying Organized Tip Number #5 – Make Downtime Up Time

We all need to relax from time to time of course but that does not have to mean you automatically participate in a mindless or even at times detrimental activity.  Even when you are relaxing choose to partake in hobbies that will better yourself.  Things like meditation, exercise and reading all will help you relax while at the same time improve you as person.  Its no surprise that the happier and healthier we are the easier it is to manage and stay on top of our lives.

Have an organization tip or trick?  We would love to hear about!